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Google Ads Campaign Management​

Get instant web traffic and leads, at a budget that suits you​​

Why Google Ads?

Google Ads allows advertisers to target specific search terms or searchers’ interest and behavior in order to show your ad to potential customers. The Pay Per Click (PPC) model means you only pay when a person clicks on your ad and visits your website. 

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Most Flexible Advertising Platform

With AdWords, you can target your audiences via search term, interest, browsing behavior or even visitors who have visited your site or your competitors’ sites.

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Most Comprehensive Data Driven

Google ads provides a more complex campaign insight and data for advertisers to identify industry trends and effectively fine-tune their strategies to improve ads performance.

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Assessing New Business Leads
Generating New Customers and Visitor Footfalls

Aii Develop
Operational Plan

Every business is unique and has unique needs. We strategize, design and implement customized PPC/Google Ads campaigns for our clients.

1. Research

We recommend the right budget and strategy to your campaigns through business objective, market trend and competitive analysis.

2. Configuration

We analyze the audience targeting, audience interest as well as relevant keywords in order to set up your ad account and campaigns.

3. Optimization

Optimize your ad campaigns via A/B testing, bid management, ads tuning and refining keywords to obtain the best performance.

4. Reporting

Monitor the data driven and generate monthly reports for performance review and business insights sharing.